If you're looking for a one-of-kind fitness center that delivers on its promises, you have come to the right place! All fitness centers will promise to help you achieve your fitness goals, but few can deliver on that promise the way we do. We are unique because our business model is built around you, not the other way around. You are the center of everything we do: Our motivational techniques are as individualized as our personal training programs. The underlying business model might be subtle, but the fitness outcomes are distinctive.

Additionally, we won't use you like a guinea pig, trying out every new fitness fad or gadget to see what works. We know what works because we have over a decade of personal training experience behind us. We also have living proof that our concepts work. Just visit our testimonials page to see for yourself. And if that's not enough, stop in and speak to our clients in person! Our results are so amazing that we had been dubbed 'home of the six-week transformation.'

With you in mind, we selected all top quality fitness equipment from manufacturers like Nebula, Ivanko, Quinton, and StairMaster. But it takes more than just top-quality fitness equipment to create an environment conducive to achieving fitness goals. In stark contrast to the mega-gyms, that look like equipment jungles, our equipment is arranged strategically to maximize your workout time. You will also reap from the benefit of a private setting.

For your convenience we also carry everything you need to succeed: protein shakes, fresh by-the-cup coffee and herbal teas; and a pro shop for your workout gear.

Easily Give the Gift of Health and Fitness

Forget about mundane gifts like scarves, ties, sweaters, and knick knacks. Our gift certificates are notoriously well received. Gift certificates may be purchased for two or more sessions at $42.00 per session. You can purchase them in our office or via telephone [708-922-9650] with a credit card.


Full Name:  Darrell Gastile

Profession:  Sales Executive

Kids:  2

Hobbies:  Fishing and Restoring classic cars

Favorite Music:  Contemporary

Life at Ratio 1:1:  Ratio is promotes a healthy lifestyle in a professional yet family environment.

Trains how many days?:  2

Goals:  To ensure I have a healthy lifestyle and wellness.

Member since:  2005

Trainer:  Chie

Accomplishments:  I have been able to manage my diabetes without medication.

Comments:   Ratio 1:1 is a step above your typical gym. Chie and team provide support, encouragement and knowledge that I have not found anywhere else. They go beyond the gym experience. I love Ratio 1:1.